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Our strong track record in North American real estate developments and investments, as described in the following pages, demonstrates the validity of our belief in a long-term investment strategy. Real estate investments have withstood the test of time, inflation and other major economic and political adversities.

Thirty years ago we concluded, after extensive research, that the North American real estate market, which is characterized by political stability, market efficiency, and government fairness, offered the greatest growth potential. Our success in that market bears out our conclusions.

Our strength lies in the quality of our people and our pride in the financial rewards our clients have enjoyed through investing with us over the years. We have implemented our visions with prudence and always calculated our risks within a basic conservative policy.

Sound real estate investment requires patient capital, specialized knowledge, hands-on approach to management, and a medium to long-term outlook; our investors/partners have been successful because they shared these views with us.

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