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American Realty Investors is a Swiss firm with offices in the United States and whose focal point is to invest in U.S. income producing properties on behalf of a growing number of international investors.

The company has been active since 1964, and since inception it has reached at times a portfolio value in excess of $2 billion: at present it employs approximately 150 people and it has a strong base in Houston, Texas and in South Florida.

American Realty Investors consists of highly trained, experienced professionals. The organization is recognized for its responsiveness to the tenant, as well as the property. A commitment to service, coupled with in-depth knowledge of every aspect of property management, maintenance, and leasing ensures a high quality of services to each client.

The group has considerable experience with foreign investments in North American real estate and can offer all services required by institutional or private investors, including the most appropriate legal and tax set-ups.

Our shareholders typically co-invest with our clients so that our function is not to "broker" an investment but rather to analyze it in great depth, put it under contract and look for one or more partners.

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